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Backflow occurs when the city loses water pressure and your pipes pull untreated water back into your system. Backflow causes the contaminated water you've flushed away to mix with the clean water heading toward your break room sink and elsewhere.

To make sure you don't have a backflow problem, Southern Backflow Inspections LLC will conduct an annual inspection of your backflow preventer. If it fails, we'll replace or repair your backflow preventer immediately.

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We'll keep your water safe from hazardous backflow

Southern Backflow Inspections provides backflow services to companies across Louisiana and can provide the same superior services to your business. With over 60 years of combined experience, the plumbers at Southern Backflow Inspections can:

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3 reasons to trust your water safety to Southern Backflow Inspections

You can count on us to take care of your backflow issues because:


We're experienced

Southern Backflow Inspections is owned and operated by two master plumbers with WSPF certification who have worked for 60 years to perfect their craft.


We're available

We're located in Metairie, LA and serve businesses all across Louisiana.


We're thorough

We'll walk you through the backflow testing process and offer you a five-year inspection contract to certify that your business will remain safe.

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